Tree safety
Trees are important for amenity and visual value. Owners are responsible for their trees and have a duty of care to others.
An inspection can be limited to a preliminary survey and risk assessment to a full detailed inspection into the condition of the tree. This is all dependent upon the condition of the tree and wishes of client.
All can be done quickly and cost effectively.

Tree preservation order and restrictions
Trees can have restrictions placed upon them such as a TPO (Tree Preservation Order) or be in a Conservation area.
Application for these works needs to be applied for to the local authority.
Our service will help guide you through the application process and procedures as smoothly as possible and we can deal with any appeals as necessary.

Mortgage Reports
Sometimes when purchasing a property the mortgage lender or surveyor may require a report of any potential of direct or indirect damage that may be caused by the tree.
We can provide such a report for these companies quickly and efficiently so as not to delay any prospective purchase of the property.

High hedges and replanting
Evergreen hedges can cause nuisance by light prevention and reasonable enjoyment of your property.
We can advise on management solutions and practical advice and maintenance, and if necessary, removal and replanting.
For all situations we can provide expert replanting and tree suitability appraisal and selection of right tree for right location. Thus providing well suited trees for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.

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